Blue Manatee Literacy Project

How does this whole literacy thing work for kids?

BMLP will complement successful, existing literacy efforts through “1 for 1” book donations, support for training reading mentors, expanded author events, building on successful programs that require scale and innovative new programs currently under development.

How does the Buy a Book, Give a Book program work?

Through a unique partnership with a third party wholesaler, we are able to offer a 1:1 program through the Blue Manatee bookstore. This means that for every book purchased in our store, through our website, over the phone or at an off-site event, a book is donated to a disadvantaged reader. The donated books are purchased at a discounted price by the Blue Manatee and then distributed to schools in need of age and content appropriate reading materials for students. 

I'm an Indie Author. How do I get my book in your store?

We love independent publishers and authors! To submit a request for the Blue Manatee to carry your work, simply select Author Submission at the bottom of this page. You will be taken to a page where you can submit your contact information and a sample of your book. The ManaTeam will review your submission and be back in touch in 7-10 business days. We are unable to accept every book (although we would love to!) but will let you know either way as quickly as possible. 

What is the focus of the literacy effort?

BMLP focuses on improving the chances for literacy success among children aged 4-8, those years spanning pre-K to grade 3, where a critical need exists to reach and assist children who have not had access to the vital combination of books and appropriate instruction, what we call Curated Literacy. Despite recent improvements, close to 40% of children entering kindergarten in disadvantaged neighborhoods struggle to read at grade level, with 3/4 of those students remaining at similar risk by grade 3.

Do you offer gift cards?

We offer lots of great gift options, including gift cards! You can purchase gift cards online or at the bookstore in Oakley. 

Do you offer any special discounts or incentives to teachers?

Absolutely! We see firsthand how difficult it is for an educator to keep a classroom stocked with books and other supplies. All educators receive a 20% discount on book purchases at BMLP. Additionally, your purchases still qualify for the 1:1 program so for every book you purchase for your classroom, a book is being donated to a student in need. We encourage educators to reach out if they need special orders. Our ManaTeam will be happy to assist.  In addition to the discount, we hold several special events throughout the year exclusively for teachers. These events may include seminars, book giveaways, additional discounted items and more. Join our Teachers/Educators Facebook group to stay up to date on news and events. 

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